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Alan Fine shooting "The Catalyst" in 6K (Red Dragon courtesy Panavision)

Alan Fine shooting “The Catalyst” in 6K (Red Dragon courtesy Panavision)

Alan Fine is a writer/director, producer, composer and editor, known for his award winning short “The Catalyst,” as well as “Freeze, Freeze, Fry: Climate Past, Present and Future” and “UnEarthing Life: A Deep History of a Living Planet.”

From 2005-2012, Fine was a producer, director, and editor at Classroom Encounters, creating teacher-friendly world-class science media which sold to high schools, colleges and libraries internationally. At Classroom Encounters, Fine steered six full length 90 minute productions through all stages, from pre-production through DVD / BluRay duplication, including directing, authoring, cover art and website design.

Fine learned film and television production, filmmaking, and directing while assisting executive producers and directors at Universal and Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles. He became a Development Executive for Mercedes Entertainment and Carmen Culver Films and sold screenplays and teleplays to TriStar Pictures, Universal, USA Networks and Pachyderm Entertainment.

As a freelance director, producer and editor, Alan was a member of several Los Angeles-based ad agencies including C.H. Winsor & Associates and The Ed Roth Show. Working with a wide range of budgets, he created memorable on-air and video presentations for telecommunications, medical and entertainment clients.

Fine went on to write and direct the world’s first interactive situation comedy, “Real Time” for Syzol New Media and the pilot for the game show “Lie Detector” for Visionati.

Fine directed numerous staged readings of his play “Fountain of Youth” at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Actors Theatre Workshop in Manhattan, and is turning the work into a screenplay and a musical.

Fine served as technical consultant for Pop.com, Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard’s Internet company in Los Angeles.

Fine has appeared as an actor on “Cheers” and other shows, and has been a stand-up comedian who was a winning contestant on “The Dating Game.” His short film, “Virus Hits Paramount Pictures in NY – Tech Support Overwhelmed” had East and West Coast Premieres at both of the Paramount Pictures Studio Theaters.

Fine is a member of the Writers Guild of America, Dramatists Guild, and Screen Actors Guild.