“The Catalyst” Short

Awards won by our proof-of-concept short film:

* Outstanding Actor, Actress, and Special Effects, Zed Fest Film Festival, Los Angeles
* Best Short Screenplay, New York International Film Festival – Fright Fest
* Best Picture, Best Special Effects and “Most Spine-Tingling Scare” Haunted Oaks Film Festival, Pittsburgh
* Best SciFright Short, the 42nd Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival
* Best Horror Short, 3rd Place, The 2017 International Horror Hotel, Cleveland, OH
* Official Selection of the Burbank International Film Festival
* Official Selection of the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest and Nomination for Best Actor
* Official Selection of the New York Short Film Festival
* Official Selection of the Darkness Reigns Horror Film Festival, New Orleans
* Official Selection of the International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival, Phoenix

The Catalyst Poster
The Catalyst Short Poster


Emmy-winning writer JOHN HILL, screenwriter of QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER, QUANTUM LEAP, L.A. LAW, etc.

“Terrific short film! Very well done! I like that time was spent in being with the characters more than usual – amid very scary bookends of ominous tension – and the acting and dialogue felt very real – as were the sudden scary ghostly events! I’ve been around filming for 40 years and this is as good as it gets! Way to go, writer-director Alan Fine!”

Todd Staruch, The Horror Nerd (HorrorNerd.net) at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest:

“The Catalyst, from filmmaker Alan Fine, is another cool ghost/possession story which I really liked. Again, I have to mention how indie filmmakers are really stepping up their game, and this is a prime example. Well shot, well acted, and well directed, with some very cool special effects. According to Alan, this short is a “proof of concept” film, and the goal is to secure funding to develop a feature. I am looking forward to the day I can see that!”

Jess Paul, Haunted Oaks Film Festival

“And, this short gets in your face.”