No-Money Crowdfunding

No-Money Crowdfunding

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Alan Fine

A message from Alan Fine, writer and director of “The Catalyst:”

If the response to our short film supports the idea to continue and make a longer version, we will be raising money. You can help without even reaching into your pocket. It is a little scheme I’ve come up with called No-Money Crowdfunding.  Instead of money, we would like people to share their favorite ghost stories with each other on the part of our site called “Campfire Ghost Stories.”
That section of our site will promote those who trade ghost stories by displaying their donor’s byline and links to their online media. We will do our best to get people to see what you submitted and hopefully you will promote your own participation with “The Catalyst” Campfire Ghost Stories by Tweeting or Facebooking or Instagraming all your contacts, which will indirectly promote THE OTHER stories and storytellers up here, which will in turn indirectly promote and increase awareness of “The Catalyst” series itself. A win, win, win win situation!
As participation in “The Catalyst” Campfire Ghost Stories grows, with six-degrees of separation, it could grow exponentially, keeping both movie and ghost story fans aware of the progress of “The Catalyst.”
No-Money Crowdfunding

No-Money Crowdfunding

Investors know films are risky endeavors, so if we proceed beyond our short, we will need to package “The Catalyst” in ways that limit that risk. It starts with us making sure we have the best script in the safest genre, experienced producers, talented cinematographer, actors, showcased in a proof-of-concept short displaying a clear director vision and looking as if it came from a major studio (click and scroll down here). And with No-Money Crowdfunding, we will also have web visitor statistics showing early project awareness, something investors look for in a project.

So if we ask for money, it will be from investors, not followers and fans. But if you absolutely must make a financial contribution, that would be so helpful with non-film costs like web hosting, cloud storage, legal services, festival fees, etc. Click below and we would gladly accept donations. In return, you will get a “Thank you” credit in the film. But we’d really prefer ghost stories, because we would like your help to prove No-Money Crowdfunding can work!

Maybe do both? 🙂
Thanks so much!