Dear “Catalyst” Diary… Vol. 5

Thank you to anybody interested enough to read about our progress as we make the “The Catalyst.”

I’ve always been intrigued by the filmmaking process and how difficult it is. Now I am seeing this first hand and sharing it with you. (Maddening, isn’t it?)

It looks like the waiting phase is finally over! Our producer Anthony Vorhies completed two full feature films. One is called “37” and here is a NY Times article about it: Kitty Genovese Killing Is Retold in the Film ‘37’ – So now Anthony is ready to focus on just “The Catalyst.” 

We will finish our search for a Director of Photography, and we hope to shoot the ghost test footage next week and hand it over to our Visual Effects Supervisor Lucien Harriot of Mechanism Digital for processing.Schedule permitting, David Herman will be joining us as a producer to help Anthony. Get this… David was a camper when I was an Evening Program Director at a camp in New Hampshire. Later, David became the Evening Program Director there as well. Since then, he has amassed decades of experience at Viacom, Nickelodeon and TV Land, so how wild and wonderful is it that we get to work together professionally!?

When I mentioned to Dave that we need scary ghost vocalizations/sounds to go with our ghost camera effects, he recommended Bob Pomann of Pomann Sound. Bob may come on board when we are in post-production.

While Casting Director Donna McKenna has received no calls from “A List” actors to be in “The Catalyst,” she has recommended dozens of capable ones. Not sure what to do yet, but now that we are starting up again, we will address this issue.

Thank you, Brendan Bennett, for working with our Twitter following and helping it reach 2585.  That Twitter account (@catalyst_movie) promotes this film site.

Please consider donating a ghost story as it helps drive our Twitter following and will possibly influence investors to fund our feature film. (We are now accepting written stories and not just videos. It has been taking too much time to create videos for them.) Underneath your ghost story, we would be pleased to cross-promote anything (within reason), the message reaching not only our Twitter followers, but we have calculated retweets and favorites from just our top 20 Twitter influencers could potentially be seen by over a million people! DONATE STORIES HERE

I still can’t thank everyone enough, but I’ll keep trying.

Thank you everyone!

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Alan Fine