Dear “Catalyst” Diary… Vol. 7
Hi everyone! Hope you had a great summer. We certainly did.

Actress Tiffany Hodges is still terrorized during our ghost camera tests.

Actress Tiffany Hodges is still terrorized during our ghost camera tests.

Visual Effects Supervisor Lucien Harriot of Mechanism Digital worked hard with his crew to come up with an iconic look for what our ghost sees as it terrorizes our characters. As wonderful as the still of Tiffany Hodges is, it doesn’t do justice to the one minute and twenty second sequence which we are keeping under wraps so as not to give away what is now our trade secret.

We are proud of our friend, Producer Anthony Vorhies. Since the spring, he completed two full feature films, an Alicia Keyes video, a commercial for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical in NY, and now he is on a three month shoot in Curacao! We wish him all the best and hope he will be available to help us at a later date.
Meanwhile this week, I will be meeting with our Producer David Herman to finalize our budget, so we can make offers for Casting Director Donna McKenna to take to our actors. It is our hope to be shooting either before Halloween (how appropriate) or just after, but definitely not past Thanksgiving.

Without giving away too much, here are some storyboard pictures.

Please consider donating a ghost story as it helps drive our Twitter following and will possibly influence investors to fund our feature film. (We are now accepting written stories and not just videos. It has been taking too much time to create videos for them.) Underneath your ghost story, we would be pleased to cross-promote anything (within reason), the message reaching not only our Twitter followers, but we have calculated retweets and favorites from just our top 20 Twitter influencers could potentially be seen by over a million people! DONATE STORIES HERE

I still can’t thank everyone enough, but I’ll keep trying.

Thank you everyone!

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Alan Fine