Happy Halloween, everyone!

I wanted to use this appropriately spooky holiday to announce that December 1st will be our first day of Catalyst shooting!

Richard D’Angelo, our Line Producer, teaches at the New York Film Academy. With a keen eye for new talent, he brought us our Director of Photography, Andrew Pulaski, who — according to Richard — is one of the more ingenious and crafty camera people he has met. (Something we need on “The Catalyst.”)

David Herman is now our Supervising Producer. We hope to sign a Production Designer shortly. And Donna McKenna will begin the casting process. (Auditions, finally!)

Our Effects Supervisor Lucien Harriot will host our first big production meeting at his Mechanism Digital studios.

So the countdown has begun!

Meanwhile, since it is Halloween, I would like to share with you a treat. One of the best ghost story donations was just released on “The Catalyst” site. Thank you Angie Speranza for your creepy true story about the Mohonk Mountain House resort, pictured below.
Mohonk Mountain House‎
1000 Mountain Rest Rd
New Paltz, NY 12561

CLICK HERE TO SEE ANGIE’S VIDEO. It is 4 minutes and I think you’ll find it worth the time.

Catalyst Ghost Story Archive - Mohonk Mountain House‎ - Angie Speranza

Catalyst Ghost Story Archive – Mohonk Mountain House‎ – Angie Speranza

Please consider donating a ghost story as it helps drive our Twitter following and will possibly influence investors to fund our feature film. (We are now accepting written stories and not just videos. It has been taking too much time to create videos for them.) Underneath your ghost story, we would be pleased to cross-promote anything (within reason), the message reaching not only our Twitter followers, but we have calculated retweets and favorites from just our top 20 Twitter influencers could potentially be seen by over a million people! DONATE STORIES HERE

I still can’t thank everyone enough, but I’ll keep trying.

Thank you everyone!

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Alan Fine