Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z is a series of events held at the restaurant/lounge Cafe Z in Union, NJ.  The events are designed to showcase independent horror and exploitation films, and to bring together horror fans and filmmakers to view and discuss the films.  It’s a great forum for like minded people to get together, share and discuss the things that we love!

Todd Staruch is the consummate host and horror nerd. In fact, that’s his website, He personally curates the films shown, so the quality is always outstanding. And the food was shockingly superb. I loved the stuffed meatball so much, I bought another portion to take home.

Todd Staruch (, Alan Fine and Cienna Christina Rizza

Todd Staruch (, Alan Fine and Cienna Christina Rizza

The spirit of Grindhouse Nights is to showcase indie filmmakers from the NY/NJ/PA/CT area and allow them to present their films in a relaxed atmosphere.  It also allows indie film fans to be exposed to movies that they might not otherwise be aware of, and to interact with the people who make and star in the films.  Friendships are made, business contacts are shared, and we have a lot of fun eating, drinking and taking pictures while we share the films that we love.  There are plenty of times and places for awards.  We’re here to celebrate indie horror!

Alan Fine being interveiwed by Danielle Najarian

Alan Fine being interviewed by Danielle Najarian

We will post the interview as soon as it is ready.